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Our students arrive from all over Ukraine to study with us in Kiev. All need additional support during their four years in the seminary to supplement their income from work at home. Some work in restaurants, others in construction or jobs where the two weeks off for nine months out of the year is possible. Some years ago, we had a student who worked in a coal mine in the off-weeks to survive.


Some students are already pastors or assistant pastors of their home churches. Some will go on to be pastors, some missionaries and evangelists, and all will be teachers of the things they've learned at RITE Seminary.


Each student must have their pastor's recommendation as to their Christian walk and their ability to do the required work. The vast majority of students who join us stick with it for four years and receive their degrees. In this new school year, we brought in 8 new students to replace our 6 graduates and bring our numbers up to 31 total students.


 You are invited to support a student attending the Reformed International

Theological Seminary in Kiev. The cost per student is very reasonable by

American standards, yet it makes an enormous impact in the spiritual lives of

these students and their churches in Ukraine.



The total cost of operating theseminary in Kiev includes renting the professor’s apartment, renting seminary classroom space, translator's salaries, utilities, student stipends, desks, chairs, library and other miscellaneous expenses.



At the present time we have between 80-100 good solid theological library books written in Russian for our students to use. We also provide each student with a Geneva Study Bible in Russian.



You can Support a Student on several different levels:


Level 1: For $100 a month, you can fund a student's monthly stipend.



Level 2: For $120 a month, you can fund a student's monthly stipend and

cover their transportation, food and lodging for a month.



Level 3: For $200 a month, you can fund the entire cost of operating the

seminary for a month per student.



Level 4: Any contribution to help with the monthly cost of operating the

seminary would be greatly appreciated. You can make either a one-time gift,

an occasional gift or regular support for one or more students.



If you would like to participate in the Support A Student program, please

send your Name, Address, and E-mail address in care of Dr. Van Lees, 115

Spring Leaf Dr. St. Peters, MO 63376, or email 



To give, please send your check or money order to one of these addresses:


RITE Ukraine, Dr. Van Lees, 115 Spring Leaf Drive, St. Peters, MO 63376. 


Canadian Citizens: To:

RITE Canada, c/o Rev. Hank Van Der Woerd, P.O. Box 3244, Leduc AB, T9E 6M1


RITE-Ukraine is a 501c(3) organization in the USA and all donations are tax-deductible.


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