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How We Operate


The Seminary meets nine times a year for two week sessions. Students come from all over Ukraine by bus and train and are housed and fed at our current location south and east of Kiev. The months we do not meet are July, August, and December.


Our facility on the Dneipper River is an old Soviet era resort facility that is fully equipped with dormitory space, dining halls, and classroms. It is in a rather rural setting, yet is easily accessible by bus from Kiev and other locations. 


Our professors, usually Reformed pastors or seminary graduates, fly over from the United States and Canada for each session. Each pays for his airline tickets, but then is housed in an apartment in central Kiev, the cost of which is covered by RITE. Many groceries and restaurants in that area are available for food and other supplies. 


Each class day, the professors are transported to and from class by one of our translators. Lectures are in English with translation into Russian (or Ukrainian) by one of our three very experienced translators. The translators also administer final examinations and papers.


We offer a Bachelor's degree with completion of a four-year program of class-work. (See CURRICULUM.) Graduates must also complete a concluding thesis on a theological topic, as well as sit for a verbal examination. 

Professors with Student Anton Klymenko on the RITE Seminary Campus in Kiev

The Gigantic Victory Statue in Kiev Overlooking the Dneipper River

The Entrance to the Classroom and Dormitory Building in Kiev, and One of the Small Kiosks on the Campus Grounds

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