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RITE-Ukraine is a joint effort of United States' and Canadian Presbyterian and Reformed churches to operate a seminary in Ukraine for the purpose of training pastors, missionaries, and teachers to carry out the Great Commission in that country and its bordering countries. To do this effectively, RITE is organized into two cooperating boards of directors, one in the United States and one in Canada. Each board has one member from the other board to ensure effective coordination.


USA Board of Directors

Dr. Van Lees, President

Rev. Win Groseclose, Director

Mr. Ken Gontarz, Treasurer

Mrs. Thea VanDixhoorn, Canadian Board Rep.

Rev. Richard Blauw, Director

Rev. Greg Roig, Director

CANADIAN Board of Directors

Rev. Harry Zekveld, Chairman

Rev. Mitchell Persaud, Vice-Chairman

Dr. Merle Messer, United States Board Rep.

Mrs. Cynthia Overgaauw, Director

Mrs. Thea Van Dixhoorn, Director

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